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1792 Coins – My Two Cents Worth

1792 Coins - My Two Cents Worth Ok, so I’m going to throw out a shameless plug for my other personal site, 1792 Coins ( It is my personal blog site where I post my random thoughts, opinions, and other craziness. I hope that it will serve to stimulate conversation, contemplation, and possibly education and any other form of -tion that might serve some use. I plan to fill it with all forms of random ramblings and rants. My own sarcastic, irreverent, yet honest and perhaps conflicting responses to music, movies, art, comics, games, books, web sites, software, religion, philosophy, politics, etc. etc. etc… I also plan to create a link database for all the stuff I reference on this site, and perhaps even a forum if the comments warrant it. Enjoy! ~matt

Venterrobang Podcast – we’re just talking here

Yet another shameless plug for yet another site of mine, Venterrobang Podcast ( It is a new podcast site where Jonathan and I vent our frustrations with work, family, pets, with life. We hope that not only will our podcast purge our own spouts of anger, but serve to entertain along the way. We have a heavy social media presence and hope that you will join us on your social outlet of choice. Full Post RSS | Podcast Only RSS | iTunes | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | E-Mail | Phone Enjoy! ~matt

Graphic Design Samples

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